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Your Questions Answered

Is there an instrument store in Tumon?

The two stores which I’ve personally visited are American Music in Tamuning which is temporarily closed due to smoke damage, the other one is Shimbros in Hagatna. I’m not sure if there’s an instrument store in Tumon but you can check out the Guam Phonebook for more info.

 What should I wear when in Guam?

Light clothing, sturdy yet comfy shoes, sunglasses and sunblock. Don’t forget to bring your umbrella too.

How do I bring my family to Guam?

You didn’t mention for what purpose, is it for a vacation or to stay for a longer period of time? If you’re coming outside the United States and live in a country where you need a Visa to enter the US, by all means get the appropriate Visa. As you know there are various types of Visas – student, tourist, work visa, etc. If you’re traveling with your family on military assignment, please refer to this page.

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Donut Run

Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been caught up with work, family, Top Chef reruns, and other stuff. Anyway today I wanted to point out a store which sells donuts. It’s called Winchell’s and they have branches in Agana, Agat, Dededo, Mangilao, Tamuning, Yigo, the Micronesia Mall, and a few other locations.

Their donuts are great and very filling, my fave is the choco bar. They also sell muffins, croissants and you can choose from their combo meals which may include a soup, freshly made sandwich, donut, chips and drink. I like their tuna sandwich, they also give you a free copy of PDN for a combo meal.  If you’re a huge donut fan you can order their half-dozen or one dozen option.

Here’s a sneak peek at what they have to offer:


Photo by Guam Mom

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Restaurant in Focus – Buffet at Fiesta Resort Guam

My husband took me out for an anniversary lunch at Fiesta Resort Guam about a week ago. It was my first time to go there but definitely not the last. They offer buffet meals at the ground floor for $14 per adult and $9 for kids. The selections range from salads, to breads and hamburgers, to favorites like spare ribs, fried chicken and of course, dessert choices. The ambience is very low-key and cozy. I like the food and the service was great, plus the view is awesome as you can see the beach not so far away.

Fiesta Resort Guam is at the hotel belt in Tumon. Some pics for you:

Fiesta Resort Guam

Fiesta Resort Guam

Fiesta Resort Guam

Photos by Guam Mom

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The Beauty of Guam in Pictures – Latte Stone Park

Latte Stone Park

The Japanese Cave

Inside the Cave

Inside the Cave

Photos by: Guam Mom

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The Beauty of Guam in Pictures – Fort Santa Agueda

Vendor at Fort Santa Agueda

Fort Santa Agueda

Fort Santa Agueda

Fort Santa Agueda

Fort Santa Agueda

Fort Santa Agueda

Photos by: Guam Mom

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The Beauty of Guam in Pictures – Asan Overlook






Photos by Guam Mom

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The Beaches of Guam – Asan Beach

Asan beach is part of Guam’s War in the Pacific National Historical Park and it was where American troops landed to recapture Guam from Japanese forces in 1944. This area is a favorite spot for runners and bikers as there is a trail that circles around the park with a great view of the beach nearby. I love going to Asan especially when I need to think or reflect. .Some pics for you:






Photos by Guam Mom

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Restaurant in Focus: Island Bar B.Q.

I’m a good cook, well, at least my family thinks so 🙂 But sometimes I do feel the urge to eat out and try something other than my own cooking. My husband on the other hand is very budget concious so when I feel the urge to splurge he’s the one who pulls back the reins. But last Saturday we were able to meet both our desires, me to eat out and him to stay on budget.

We spotted this resturant called Island Bar B.Q. in Tumon, it’s next to the rides (I forgot what those are called) and right across Sandcastle. The area where you place your order and where the food is cooked is enclosed but the dining area is open air. We were lucky enough to eat there when the sun was setting and the breeze was cool. I liked the ambience and the food was good. We ordered seafood chopsuey and chicken b-b-q for $4.50 each, it comes with salad, rice and viand. You pay additional for drinks.

I recommend you try out Island Bar B.Q. the next time you’re in Tumon.

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The Beaches of Guam – Gun Beach

Although Guam is considered a tiny island there are still many areas here which I haven’t explored. Last Sunday my husband decided to take us to a little driving adventure where we ended on a beach called Gun Beach. The name was based on the World War 2 artillery that is placed there. It is located past the hotels lined up in north Tumon. The road leading to the beach is really bad – rocks, holes on the road and mud are some of the things to expect. It is wise to bring a 4×4 pick-up truck if you decide to go there as the road will be torture to small cars and suvs. But the breathtaking view makes the bumpy entrance well worth it.

There were only a few people when we got there, the water is cleaner than the other beaches I’ve been to and there is a path on the side of the mountain that you can trek on. From that vantage point you can see the whole beauty of Gun beach. Walking further will lead you to the bottom of Two Lover’s Point.

Gun beach was a pleasant surprise and we will surely go back there soon. Which reminds me, when going on a driving adventure on Guam, be sure to wear sturdy, comfy shoes. I had sandals on, it was a blessing I didn’t slip while trekking up the path.

Some pictures of our trip:

Gun beach

From another angle

A view from above

Another view from above

Leading to Two Lover’s Point

Photos by: Guam Mom

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The Beauty of Guam in Pictures

St. Jude Church in Sinajana

St. Jude Church in Sinajana

War in the Pacific, Asan Beach

War in the Pacific, Asan Beach


Ritidian Point

Agana Bay

Sunset at Agat Bay

Underwater World, Tumon

Colorful fishes at Underwater World, Tumon


Agana Bay from Paseo side

Chapel at Hilton, Guam

Wedding Chapel at Hilton, Tumon

Photos by: Guam Mom (All photos are copyrighted)

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